I don’t believe in Mothers’ Day

There, I said it.

BUT WAIT. Before you retaliate in the comment section below, let me clarify.

I don’t believe in that Mothers’ day is special, ¬†because it shouldn’t be an expection at all. Celebrating the love of Mothers’ shouldn’t be a once-a-year occasion where we show our love for our Moms. We should be making an effort everyday, to remember to appreciate and thank Mom for everyhting she has done, just like how she cared for us everyday when we were young.

But sometimes I forget too. Some days I come home to caught up with work and keeping up with assignments that I forget to tell Mom “I love you”, or ask her about her day at work. Some days I’m too peroccupied by my own little problems and self doubt and dissatisfaction that I forget that she has the same problems too, PLUS a family of four to take care of.

Being a Mom is tough. Thats why I did this little card for her, and yes, even though its is a typical Mothers’ Day thing. I guess more love never hurts right?

Happy Mothers' Day!
The backgound colour didn’t scan up as nicely as I hoped it would. Even photoshop couldn’t save a a bad scan.

These are some of the sayings that I grew up hearing. There are probably many more that we know all too well, and some more threatening (and not all said with cheery, smiley faces) like “Im going to three… One… Two…” and “Because I said so!”

Many I didn’t understand as a child, like “I’m doing this for your own good” and “You’ll ¬†understand when you’re older.” But now I realised that there was a purpose and reason why my Mom did what she did, and that was ususally out of love.

I like how the hen is talking about eggs and the rabbit is telling us to eat more veggies…

(Sorry, I get distracted sometimes)

Anyway, I’m thinking of turning this into a illustrated book! I’m no writer, but I think I’ve got a rough idea of how it should go. What do you think? Would you buy/read it?

Stay tuned!



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