Hello everyone!

I once said (a week ago) that I would make it a point to post at least once a day.

Well… that streak didn’t last very long.

But in my defense, I was at a a conference. AFCC stands for Asian Festival of Childrens’ Content, an annual 3 day+ long meetup of illustrators and writers of childrens’ books from around Asia, both novice and prefessional.


But still, it was an amazing, eye-opening experience that I don’t regret a single cent spending all my internship savings on.

I have been painting actually, the procrastination comes in uploading and posting… but here it is!


AFCC was definately out of my comfort zone; the ‘First Look’ critique session, portfolio review by P.J. LYNCH!! and the fact that I went there friendless, and I was definately one of the aforementioned ‘novices’. I had to throw on my tiger skin every time I wanted to ask a question during a talk, or strike a conversation with someone new. But it was worth it, because by the end of the 3 days I wasn’t friendless anymore, and I had a whole new wealth of knowledge. Looking forward to going back next year!




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