Hello everyone! I once said (a week ago) that I would make it a point to post at least once a day. Well... that streak didn't last very long. But in my defense, I was at a a conference. AFCC stands for Asian Festival of Childrens' Content, an annual 3 day+ long meetup of illustrators [...]


Braver than you Believe

This is quote is from Winnie the Pooh, and you're gonna see quite a lot of that around here! Silly old bear is not that silly after all. In fact, he's more wise than most people. This design is going to be printed on Tote bags for sale, as part of the project Appeal for Aleppo. [...]


A is for Apple (pie) B is for Banana (-nofee) C is for Carrot (cake) This was really fun to do! This is supposed to be like those infographics with letters and completely random words that are supposed to teach kids the alphabet... But I remeber as a kid, the only part I was interested [...]

First steps

Hi  everyone! They say the first post is the hardest to write, and its true! After debating with myself the different ways I could start this blogging project with a bang, I finally decided that the best way to start was no different from how to continue, and to end- and that is to be [...]